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A Day in the Life of Lisa Pyne, Vice President of Products and Services at Positive Changes

Want to know who is behind-the-scenes of Positive Changes' products and services? Meet Lisa Pyne!

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The Monkey's Fist

Not until we let go, do we find our true selves

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Random Acts of Kindness

As we begin a new year of positivity, we are able to choose a new path for 2017 – let’s begin with kindness. Here are 10 random acts of kindness.

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Laurie Brunner on BizTalk Radio

Laurie Brunner, CEO of Positive Changes, shares her experiences as a child, and how they continue to influence her today, on BizTalk Radio.


Get to Know My Positive Changes

We’re proud to introduce a very new offering to enhance your Positive Changes experience! It’s called My Positive Changes and it is web-based application which allows you to access your program Starter Kit and purchased program accelerations anywhere and anytime you want from your computer, tablet or smart-phone. Just click on Member Registration to get started today!


The Moment Everything Clicked for Amy

Positive Changes client Amy shares with us the moment everything clicked during her personal hypnosis session. Amy has lost 64 pounds with her personalized Positive Changes Hypnosis program!


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Hypnosis Helps Employee Wellness

Employees struggling with weight loss, stress, smoking and more could benefit from adding Positive Changes Hypnosis to your employee wellness program.

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Nicole's Transformation

Positive Changes Hypnosis client Nicole shares her personal story of losing 70 pounds with her personalized hypnosis program.

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Good News for Those Who Want to Quit Smoking

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