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At Positive Changes Hypnosis, we've helped thousands of people hit their reset buttons to enhance their health, achievement, personal interactions and everyday fulfillment.

The results are so significant that many of our clients return to work toward breakthroughs in other areas of their lives.

Lose Weight

Read about Nicole Wiley's story
Nicole Wiley
Lost 70 Lbs
Colfax, WA
Read about Vicky Vanatta's story
Vicky Vanatta
Lost 102 Lbs
Spokane, WA
Read about Mike Nelson's story
Mike Nelson
Lost 160 Lbs
Moscow, ID
Read about Jeff McGee's story
Jeff McGee
Lost 94 Lbs
Newman Lake, WA
Read about Diana Langton's story
Diana Langton
Lost 87 Lbs
Spokane, WA
Read about Tammi Budd's story
Tammi Budd
Lost 150 Lbs
Glennwood, WA
Read about Connie Rice's story
Connie Rice
Lost 132 Lbs
Gresham, OR
Read about Debbie Jensen's story
Debbie Jensen
Lost 108 Lbs
Troutdale, OR
Read about Patricia Hunte's story
Patricia Hunte
Lost 88 Lbs
Portland, OR
Read about Dee Haislip's story
Dee Haislip
Lost 88 Lbs
Portland, OR
Read about Wendy Thorp's story
Wendy Thorp
Lost 85 Lbs
Salem, OR
Read about Shellie Yarnell's story
Shellie Yarnell
Lost 85 Lbs
Sherwood, OR

Quit Smoking

Read about Jane Penrod's story
Jane Penrod
Smoked for 50 Years
Boise, ID
Read about Carol Gallagher's story
Carol Gallagher
Smoked for 30-35 Years
Portland, OR
Read about Joan St. Marie's story
Joan St. Marie
Smoked for 35 Years
Boise, ID
Read about Becki Harp's story
Becki Harp
Smoked for 35 Years
Boise, ID
Read about Martin Justus's story
Martin Justus
Smoked Almost 2 Packs/Day
Garden Valley, ID
Read about Andy Castle's story
Andy Castle
Smoked for 15 Years
Bellevue, WA
Read about Jimmy Gigandet's story
Jimmy Gigandet
Smoked for 50 Years
Woodburn, OR
Read about Sabrina Sugden's story
Sabrina Sugden
Smoked for 8 Years
Tigard, OR
Read about Lily Gardner's story
Lily Gardner
Smoked for 30 Years
Portland, OR
Read about Wayne Laudahl's story
Wayne Laudahl
Smoked for 40 Years
Post Falls, ID
Read about Rich Herron's story
Rich Herron
Smoked for 40 Years
Spokane, WA
Read about Dawn Kuest's story
Dawn Kuest
Smoked for 35 Years
Spokane, WA

Personalized Breakthrough

Read about Desmond Kurth's story
Desmond Kurth
Spokane, WA
Read about Penny Smith's story
Penny Smith
Spokane Valley, WA
Read about Holly Havens's story
Holly Havens
Overcame Dentist Anxiety
Portland, OR
Read about Gerry Johnson's story
Gerry Johnson
Reduced Pain
Bellevue, WA
Read about Marilyn Perkins's story
Marilyn Perkins
Eliminated Pain
Boise, ID
Read about Jim Kerr's story
Jim Kerr
Overcame Test Anxiety
Middleton, ID
Read about Bob Semlow's story
Bob Semlow
Improved Golf Game
Bellevue, WA
Read about Darrell Zecha's story
Darrell Zecha
Increased Motivation
Portland, OR
Read about Andreas Finke's story
Andreas Finke
Coped with Cancer
Beaverton, OR
Read about Wendy Merrick's story
Wendy Merrick
Eliminated Anxiety
Kuna, ID
Read about Joey Zabala's story
Joey Zabala
Improved Athletic Focus
Meridian, ID
Read about Amy Matz's story
Amy Matz
Eliminated Nail Biting
Meridian, ID
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