Holly Havens

My name is Holly Havens and I live in Portland, OR. I am an Accountant in a law firm. My goal for using hypnosis was to overcome anxiety in going to the dentist as well as general anxiety in my life. I chose Positive Changes Hypnosis because I had always wanted to try hypnosis. I had tried several kinds of medication before but I really wanted to try something that I thought would be more permanent and didn't involve continually taking medication. I thought hypnosis would be a great way to try that. I have been very happy with my results. Positive Changes has done a great job. I'm much calmer and I'm much more centered. I feel so much more at ease now even thinking about going to the dentist or making appointments to go to the dentist. That's been my greatest success.

I haven't been to the dentist in the last 6 years, which is horrible and I know I'm not alone. I have friends that are dentists who say that there are a lot of people who feel like I do. The thought of stepping into a dentist off was just like UGH! Anxiety is so pervasive. You don't realize how much it affects all aspects of your life until try to deal with it in one part of your life. I would feel tense and all knotted up inside. I was always worried about meeting new people, and how I was presenting myself. I now realize that I didn't have to be that way. I now feel this sense of calm inside of me that I have never had. I feel so much more self-confident and more at ease with dealing with things than I ever have before. When you have anxiety you feel out of control all of the time. When you go through the program and work with the hypnotist, you feel like you have the tools to handle it, and that's the difference. I applying to graduate school next month, which is something I have put off because I had anxiety about tests, but now I'm studying for the test and just getting on with my life. I'm taking a more active role at work, I'm speaking up and joining committees, before I would be so nervous about what I was saying, I would get tongue tied and nothing came out like I wanted it to. Even at my photo shoot 6 months ago would of made me a nervous wreck. But I was just fine through the whole thing.

I started noticing changes pretty quickly. The first thing I noticed was that I was sleeping better and that my breathing was much more relaxed and calmer. I was able to relax myself very quickly once I learned the techniques and I thought that was really great. I continued to notice changes all the way through my program, as I learned more and practiced it every day. I noticed I was overall much more calm, anxiety free and I just felt better. Others started to notice changes in me after a week or two. They would say things like, "oh, you look so much more relaxed", or "oh, you look so rested", and that made me feel very good because I felt that way too and it was good they were noticing it.

My family thinks I'm much calmer, and that's a good thing. We can have family get-togethers and I don't get so anxious about everything going right. I can just do whatever and go with the flow and that is just really great. My family really appreciates that. I told several people I was using hypnosis and they were very impressed and wanted to know all about it; about what I was doing and obviously they wanted to know if I was getting on tables and dancing. I told them no, I wasn't doing any of that. I was sitting in big comfy chairs and listening to CDs, or watching videos and talking with the personal coaches. It's been a really great experience. I have a couple of friends who are interested in it, so I think that is really exciting.

I've tried calming my anxiety in the past with medication, which did work, but I didn't want to be on medication for the rest of my life. Even though it worked, there were draw backs. There was the cost and having to remember to take the medication. It also had a couple of physical side effects that I wasn't too thrilled with so I am very happy that I don't have to do that anymore. Hypnosis has changed that for me so I can do it myself and I don't have to rely on a doctor or medication to maintain the level of calm that I now have. I really believe the results will be permanent because I feel that I am in control now and I can go back to my hypnosis tapes and coaching sessions that I have whenever I need to. You don't just go and never come back. You can always listen to the personal tapes that you get. So yes, I do feel the results will be permanent in my life.

Other changes that I've noticed are being able to sleep better at night. I feel like I'm breathing better and I have more self-confidence. I feel like people notice that I have more self-confidence and there are no situations that I go into that I don't feel calm and relaxed going into them. I have become a member in a new committee at work and I have to interact with a lot of people and I feel that my new calmness has really helped me in that, to be able to say what I need to say and present myself in a positive light.

The most important benefit I have received from Positive Changes is that I feel like I can do almost anything now. I just feel like I have the confidence to do it and that I have the tools to make changes if I need to make changes. I think all of that has come from my time here at Positive Changes. I would definitely recommend Positive Changes to others. It really works!

* 75% of Positive Changes breakthrough clients are successful in reaching their goals.

Results from a study commissioned by Positive Changes and performed by researchers at The Ohio State University.

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