Kathy Tuttle

My name is Kathy Tuttle and I live in Melba, ID. I am retired from the Idaho State Police. I have been overweight since I was 35 or 40 years old and I'm now 64 so that's a long time. I have tried every weight loss method known to man and I always lost maybe 10 pounds and then I would gain back 15. I had tried low fat diet, Atkins diet, 3 day diet, low carb diet, calorie diet, and the cabbage diet. I had even done "ultrasonic lipo" known as "liposonix". Every diet I went on I would always gain back 5 more pounds than I had lost so it was pretty depressing. I do like to eat and my eating habits weren't good. I think I ate too fast.

Positive Changes showed me all the right foods to eat. I could see I didn't know anything about the healthy food but I did after going through the program, newsletters and classes. I went through my house and threw away anything with bleached flour and if it wasn't whole grain, then it was also thrown out. They taught me how to cook with the healthy stuff and then I even added more research on my own and found more foods that are very good for you so now when I make my own bread, I add all that healthy food in. If it hadn't have been for Positive Changes, I would have never known about any of that.

I think the program really taught me a lot and once you have the knowledge, then you will lose weight. I lost 66 pounds and I am totally amazed with how it seems to melt off. Before I lost weight, I didn't like myself at all. I felt horrible and my health was bad. I didn't look at myself in the mirror. My self-esteem was very low and I was depressed for a long time. I have been on a sleeping medication since I was in my twenties. I was on a lot of medications and I was feeling horrible. I had high blood pressure, borderline diabetes, on Lipitor, anti-depressant, Ambien, and a few others. I just felt terrible. I did not like myself and was really struggling with even riding my horses which had always been my passion. I wanted once again to be able to "swing my foot" up over my saddle instead of using a rock or something.

After joining Positive Changes, I joined an Idaho Athletic Club and after awhile I started on the elliptical and I also do some of the other machines. I think what sent me on this journey is I went to my doctor to let him know that I wouldn't be able to see him very often because I wasn't going to be able to afford my insurance. The doctor said you have some real issues. He said I have to lose some weight because I'm pre-diabetic and it's not if, but when, you're going to be on insulin. And he said I better hurry because my time was running out. At that time I had seen a Positive Changes ad on TV with the man and women who had lost so much weight and were looking forward to going to a class reunion. I pondered that a little bit and decided I was going to give it a try.

When I went in for my first consultation I was impressed by their professionalism. When I saw the price I thought it was a little pricy but I knew that I couldn't put a price on my life. My first weight loss goal was 40 pounds and that melted off really fast so then I moved it up to 50 and then I was amazed. My body seemed to settle in at 66 pounds. I feel like it was very easy once they give you the tools and the knowledge you need to lose the weight. I started seeing results right away. Between the classes and the CD's, they say you're going to lose 1-3 pounds a week and I thought I couldn't do it, but you know what, I exceeded those.

I also was amazed because being a dispatcher, I learned to eat really fast and I was pretty amazed when Positive Changes also teaches you to slow down the eating process and I learned that I can really chew and chew and chew and can actually taste your food. Before I was just consuming it without taking the time to chew it and enjoy it and get all the benefits from it. I started out by listening to my personal sessions twice a day and I now have been consistently listening to the CD's once a day. Those CD's are amazing. They unite your conscious mind with your unconscious mind.

The big bonus that I got was to get off Ambien because I always was able to fall asleep after listening to the CD's. I continued to decrease the amount and now for the first time in over 35 years I do not take any sleeping aid. When I started losing weight, I found that I have so much more confidence in myself and when you have confidence in yourself, it goes into your other relationships with your husband and your friends. You're just a happier person when you have more confidence and you feel better.

I now am 7 pounds less than when I got married 32 years ago. Positive Changes is a wonderful program and has literally given me back my life. I am so enjoying riding my horses now and not feeling like I am just a huge gob just sitting on their back. I cannot thank Positive Changes enough for what they have done for me. I did not like myself at all and was so unhappy with all my health problems and what I had become and did not feel like I had much future that would contain quality for me.  Feeling better about yourself really helps all your relationships as well. Huge kudos to Positive Changes!

I would recommend Positive Changes because they give you the tools and the knowledge but you can't do it without the motivation to want to change. I would just say that if you're ready to make this decision and take this journey to feel better and lose weight, then I highly recommend the Positive Changes program.


* Results not typical and vary based on program adherence from a study commissioned by Positive Changes and performed by researchers at The Ohio State University.

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