Mike Nelson

I've been overweight most all of my life. I have tried at various times with various methods to lose the weight. I've done Atkins and Nutrisystem and both times I lost weight and both times I gained it back. I was never in control of my eating habits. I was a speed eater, boredom eater and stress eater. I was never really pleased with my reflection in the mirror but I really wasn't out to impress anybody so it didn't eat at me a lot.

I was getting type 2 diabetes and I had joint pain and had no stamina. I was taking 800 mg of Ibuprofen a couple of times a day to try and keep the joint pain under control. I was a gym rat and will always be a gym rat. I've always been involved with lifting weights and building muscle but I always hurt while doing it. I had almost given up on the gym. I know that would have been bad.

My life before Positive Changes was to get up and head to the gym, stop at McDonalds on the way to the gym and get a couple sausage egg McMuffins. I would then go to work and sit at my desk. It was not unusual for me to eat a 3000-5000 calorie lunch. I would continue to sit at my desk until it was time to go home where I would eat a huge dinner. I did this every day.

My boss got very concerned for my health and for my ability to be his employee and friend. He said that we needed to do something and he had some suggestions that were fairly evasive; Lap band and gastric bypass, and those were things that I was not very excited about.

While watching TV I saw the ads for Positive Changes and I got a hold of my sister who is a nurse and she said she had several patients who had been in the program and it had worked out well for them. So I decided that I would call and came in. At my evaluation I decided that I was going to do this. I was very skeptical but very impressed with the initial consultation.

My skepticism got bumped after my very first session. The hypnotist sat me down and we talked. After the session I was amazed how things that I learned during the session would pop up during the day.

The weight loss kind of became secondary to the things I realized that I needed to work on. After the first session and realizing that this was going to work for me, I decided to pick a goal of losing 150 pounds.

I noticed changes in my behavior in the first couple of weeks. The people around me started to notice it.

I've lost 13 inches in my waist and my pants have gone from a 52 to a size 38. My shirts went from a 3 or 4X to a Large. That is something to be proud of.

My eating habits were terrible before. Now what I eat falls very much under live and vibrant. I find it to be nutritious and healthy and good for me. I eat enough now. I eat what it takes to keep me healthy and I'm full and there is food left on my plate. I've learned to slow down and enjoy the foods.

I used to have cravings for sweet and salty foods that I thought would make me feel better. Now I don't have any cravings. That has probably been the biggest eye opener; to be able to lose those cravings. I now just eat enough. I'm not living for what the next meal is. I eat less and I enjoy it more.

Positive Changes has made it easy for me to lose weight because I addressed the causes of the weight. I still exercise every day. I find myself way more physically active and I park across the parking lot and walk. I walk places that I would have driven before.

I listen to my hypnosis processes at least 2 times a day and I recommend that everybody do that. One of the questions that people ask me is, was I suffering while I was overweight and I didn't think I was but now I realize that I had a pile of issues that I ignored and wouldn't acknowledge. I was suffering and Positive Changes helped fix it.
I'm more confident but I've learned not to be cocky or arrogant. I'm very proud of my accomplishments. I feel pretty good about myself. It's hard to get past these pre-conceptions of what I think I should look like.

My habits are amazing now. I used to drink 3 cans of soda a day and I haven't drunk a soda since I started the Positive Changes program. I used to eat fast food at least once a day and I haven't eaten fast food in 8 months. I would snack 3 or 4 times a day on junk and now I snack once a day on fruit. My food portions were huge before and now they are not. I no longer binge or crave any bad foods. I thought about food constantly before. Now I think about food for energy and the ability to keep me going and stay healthy. I wasn't sleeping well and now I sleep all night.

I experienced a ton of stress and I still have that stress but now I can handle it. I fix what I can and let the rest slide off my back.

I was obese but so far my health was pretty good. My doctor, whom I work out with, is convinced that Positive Changes saved my life. I thought that was a pretty big statement.

The educational process here is phenomenal. Every week I learned something new. I learned how to handle stress better. I'm way more fun to be around.

My family and friends say that they have Mike back. That says a lot. My leadership skills have become the envy of people that I'm around. I think I've become a role model. My family loves being around me more because of this. My wife says that it's easier to be married to me than it was a year ago.

I'm looking forward to making these life changes permanent. That is my continued goal. One of the most valuable benefits that I've received is the ability to change my life on all fronts.

One of the most incredible things that happened is I went on a cruise during the third month of the program and I decided that I was going to have this great big hamburger and stood in line and talked with people and when I was back in my room, I had this apple in my hand. That was the point where I knew this was really working.

The cost of the program is nothing when you compare to what you are saving. It's absolutely worth every penny that you put into this. I couldn't ask for anything better. I recommend Positive Changes to everybody that I talk to.

Someone asked me how much credit I give Positive Changes for my weight loss and I just have to say all of it. If anyone is thinking about this program, I say do it and let the program work. My weight loss will be permanent I do not have a doubt.


* By following our program, our clients lost more than 4 lbs. on average in their first 3 weeks.

Results from a study commissioned by Positive Changes and performed by researchers at The Ohio State University.

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