Tammi Budd

My name is Tammi Budd, and I live in Glennwood, WA. I am a claims specialist for an insurance company. I've been overweight since I quit smoking, which was about 5 years ago. I thought I was becoming a healthier person but I still hadn't changed my eating or my exercise habits and I slowly started to gain weight every year. When you put on the first 20 pounds you think, I can lose that weight but then you don't and you continue to gain weight year over year until it's totally out of control. This put me into a depression and then I would eat everything bad because I didn't feel valued.

I have tried other weight loss programs in the past to try and lose weight. I tried Nutrisystem, Medifast, Atkins, Mayo Clinic and anything with a quick fix. I would have some weight loss but as soon as I went off the program I would go back to my same eating habits and I would gain the weight back and then some.

I was not in control of my eating habits before coming to Positive Changes. I ate a lot of fast foods because I would work late and be too tired to make a meal or I would grab a bag of chips and that would be dinner. I was not making healthy choices, or I would only eat one meal a day. After I would eat like that I would feel horrible about myself and then I would punish myself by eating more things that were bad for me. I had gotten to the point where I was like oh well, I can't do anything about it. I was in a downward spiral.

I was starting to have health issues and that is what prompted me to contact Positive Changes. I had gone to my doctor because my mother is diabetic and my test results showed I was pre-diabetic. My sugar levels were up in the 200's. I was scared of what the future held for my health and I didn't want to become diabetic. My cholesterol was high and my blood pressure was getting high. I had sleep apnea because of the weight but then last year after I lost some of the weight when I went to the doctor everything was down to the normal range and I don't have sleep apnea any longer.

I did not do much exercise before coming to Positive Changes. I felt bad about myself so my routine would be that I would get up and come to work, work late, eat fast food and go home and just lie on the bed and watch TV and not do anything really.

I heard about Positive Changes on the ads on TV. I had watched them for quite a while, for at least 6 or 7 months but my mom was getting concerned with me because she knew I was depressed and would give me little hints. I kept thinking about it and thinking about it and I told a friend who said she would come in and check it out with me. We both came and both signed up. The rest is history so to speak.

I was a little skeptical before coming here. I knew that this was my last resort so I was willing to try. Nothing else was helping. When I first came in, they just explained the program and that it's more of a lifestyle change and it's not like a regular diet which is what took my skepticism away.

When I first came in I wanted to lose at least 100 pounds. I didn't think that I would reach that. I thought if I lost at least 50 pounds that would be a success.

To date I've lost 150 pounds since coming to Positive Changes. I feel great and I've been telling all of my family about it. I feel like I have inspired them and they have become more healthy as well.

I started noticing changes in my behavior right away. I was more conscious about what I was buying and making sure that I wasn't going down the chip or cracker aisle. I was staying away from the sweets and things like that. I really didn't have any issues with that. I would listen to my hypnosis CD's every night. I started seeing results within the first month or so. I could see my clothes were fitting looser.

I used to wear a size 24 and now I'm a size 8. I lost about 10-12 pounds the first month. If you really want to become healthy and learn how to eat appropriately, you need to go to Positive Changes because you can't put a price on your health. The program is simple to follow.

The hypnosis took away the food cravings. I don't have them anymore. I don't want to overeat. It's just not natural to think about those types of eating habits anymore. Now when I shop I naturally go to the fresh vegetables and fruits. I make sure I get my protein. I used to not be a fish eater and now I've incorporated more fish into my diet.

I now get up every morning and I'm exercising. I crave the exercise. If I don't do it I feel like I'm missing something. I just make better choices. Even when I go out with friends I really look menus over and make sure I'm making better choices. I used to love potatoes and bread and things like that but I just don't crave it anymore. I loved pasta before but I use different alternatives now. I just don't have the need to have any fast foods or anything like that anymore.

The program at Positive Changes made it easy to lose the weight because of the support I got and the classes were great. They taught me what is good for my body and why.

In the office that I work there are 2 flights of stairs to go up and just going up those stairs I would be so winded and couldn't catch my breath. Where I live I would also have to go up the stairs and couldn't catch my breath. You feel like everyone is looking at you and you feel grotesque. My self-esteem and my health suffered. I was becoming more withdrawn and more depressed. I didn't want to socialize with anybody and I'm a social person so that had a big affect on me.

Thanks to the hypnosis and the weight loss my confidence has done a 180. I feel more confident in myself and I know that I'm healthy. I know that it's a new lifestyle change for me and I know I will keep it off in the future.

I feel great. Before when I would get a compliment I would say, nah, you don't know what you are talking about, but now I just say thank you. I am proud of myself.

This has helped me in difficult situations. I don't let people's negativity reflect on me. I now know how to separate myself from their feelings and not let it bother me.

I have more energy and I sleep a lot better. I want to be more active and not just sit around. I want to be out and about and socialize more. This has changed everything.

I know that I can keep this weight off and I will continue on this healthy path. The most valuable benefit that I've received is that I've gotten my life back. I was a people pleaser and now I know that I can't do anything for others unless I'm healthy and I like myself.

If people would actually break down the cost of the program versus Nutrisystem or Medifast or Jenny Craig or anything like that they would see that it's comparable to them. I always say to that you can't put a price on your life. I feel that Positive Changes saved my life.

I give Positive Changes the majority of the credit for the weight loss. Obviously I had to put in the work to see the results but I would say that it was at least 50/50. If someone was considering Positive Changes I would tell them to strongly think about it and I would encourage them to proceed.

I do believe that my weight loss will be permanent. It's natural for me now to want healthy fresh foods and I don't even crave the fast foods and I don't have those cravings for all the other bad stuff that I used to eat. It's a natural habit now.

* Results not typical and vary based on program adherence from a study commissioned by Positive Changes and performed by researchers at The Ohio State University.

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